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Friday 18 April 2014

Taylor Lautner: I love playing pranks

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner "can't contain himself" when it comes to playing pranks.

The Twilight actor explained how he amused himself while making the final instalment of the vampire movies.

Taylor took great pleasure in tricking anyone who would indulge his childish behaviour.

"No it's not very serious [on the Twilight set]. I'm a big practical jokester I find it difficult to contain myself sometimes, but I did let loose on these last two movies with Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight books," Taylor explained to American talk show host Jay Leno. "Especially after I found out she is quite a prankster too."

The 20-year-old star described one of his practical jokes he played on Stephenie.

Taylor laughed at his memory of the previous run in with the Twilight author and her friend Megan.

"[We] happened to be at a restaurant at the exact same time… Megan is deathly afraid of shrimp, she has a phobia, so I decided to be really nice and ask the waiter if I could order a shrimp cocktail for their table… so they did and they set the shrimp cocktail right in front of Megan," Taylor laughed. "And I could hear her scream from the other end of the restaurant! She started freaking out like she was dying."

Taylor explained how the shenanigans continued.

The star revealed their pranks quickly escalated to a full on movie related food war.

"It didn't end there, Stephenie spoke to the chef and asked if he could make me a dessert and it had Rob, Robert Pattinson's, face on it. It was a Team Edward cake and it was covered with vampire teeth and blood!" Taylor exclaimed.

"I still retaliated after that, I asked them to send over a Team Potter cake [Harry Potter]. It could have been a little dirty, but I did it."

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