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Taylor Schilling: I hate social media

Taylor Schilling feels “a little exposed” when trying to use sites like Twitter.

The Orange is the New Black actress has built up a wealth of fans thanks to the Netflix show. While she welcomes the support, the 30-year-old won’t be sharing every moment with them online any time soon.

“Sometimes I have a conflicted relationship with social media, I guess is more of the thing. But the Internet is great,” she told Rolling Stone magazine “We're working out our differences. We're totally in therapy. Personally, I think there are some people who are really suited towards seeing the world very observationally [so] it's a really creative outlet. I just am not as good at it.”

It’s almost become par to the course that celebrities need to share their day-to-day lives on websites including Twitter and Instagram. But for Taylor, she prefers to keep her private life private.

“It stresses me out also. I prefer more one-on-one interactions about what people think of me, or how things are being impacted,” she explained. “I don't quite know how to interact with people [online]. It just makes me a little uncomfortable; I feel a little exposed, to be honest with you.”

The star thinks micro-blogging and photo sharing on a daily basis would confuse the nature of her job as an actress. For her, being on TV once a week isn’t the same as tweeting about her life every day.

“It does not add to my day. You know? It's not like, ‘Oh, I can't wait to tweet." I'm like, “Oh my God, I have to think of something clever or smart to say.’ It feels like pressure — it does not feel like fun to me,” she added. “Maybe that will change and if we talk again in a year or something I'll have had an epiphany and be much more cavalier about the whole thing. I've reserved the right for that to happen 110 percent.”

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