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Taylor Schilling: Orange fans are intense

Taylor Schilling has an intense relationship with her fans because they're able to watch the whole season of Orange Is the New Black in the space of a weekend.

The blonde actress thinks the way Netflix has changed audiences' viewing habits means admirers of shows experience a much more intense way to watch TV.

Orange Is the New Black has recently released season two of the prison based drama but thanks to the nature of the streaming site, the whole series is available to watch immediately.

"It's an unusually intense relationship because people have downloaded the whole season at watch it all at once. Soon after the show was released, there were people who had seen all 13 episodes.

"The intensity of that viewing experience is completely new. It's like we were hanging out for a weekend, but in order for me to have our next weekend hangout, I have to work for a year," Taylor laughed to British magazine Grazia.

Taylor has been acting since she dropped out of her graduate programme, but found success was hard to come by at the beginning.

To fund her dream of a career in front of the screen, 29-year-old Taylor worked as a nanny. While she experienced mediocre success with projects such as TV show Mercy and Zac Efron movie The Lucky One, Orange Is the New Black has been her break out role.

"People know who I am now," she laughed. "It's really interesting to have a common ground with strangers. I talk to a lot more people than I did before."

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