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Taylor Schilling: Prosthetic penises are always a plus

Taylor Schilling is happier to "dive in" to situations than her latest character.

The Orange Is the new Black actress stars in upcoming comedy The Overnight alongside Adam Scott. The funny flick features a scene full of male nudity and Taylor admits she found it hard to hold it together during the shoot.

"Well at that point those prosthetic penises had been waving around in the wind for about a week and they were like the highlight," she told USA Today. "When I first saw it they were pretty exciting for about 20 minutes and then less exciting but when the dance happened, when we actually started shooting that scene, I was just dying. Adam and Jason [Schwartzman, co-star] did such a great job, they were so committed to what they were doing. It was really funny."

The movie also stars Judith Godrèche and focuses on the chance meeting between two couples who are introduced through their children. Taylor thinks both pairs are very different but she likes the fact her character Emily goes on a journey.

"I'm married to Adam Scott in the movie, we have like a new family and we've just moved to LA and the two couples get their kids together for a play date. It turns out that the adults have a play date as well," she explained. "The thing I love about Emily is while she wasn't as down for everything, she wasn't judging it; she just kind of wanted to see what was going on. I'm probably a little bit more ready to dive in than Emily but I think we both share that kind of observing mentality sometimes. I relate to that in her."

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