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Taylor Swift 'irritated' by paparazzi

Taylor Swift is "irritated" by the paparazzi.

The 22-year-old country music star understands part of her job is to be photographed at red carpets and events.

But she finds it distressing to be followed in her day-to-day life.

"It gets to be a bit irritating for me when they're waiting for me outside my house, or when I'm on vacation and they're there too," Taylor told BBC News. "There's definitely something really confusing about people following you and being allowed to."

Being under a "giant magnifying glass" will never seem normal to the star.

Taylor says she's even banned herself from Googling her name for fear of stumbling across unflattering photos or false reports.

Six years since the release of her first album, it's one of a few ways she's learned how to cope.

"It's a big priority for me to be happy, so there are a lot of things I have to ignore," she said.

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