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Taylor Swift talks ‘projected love’

Taylor Swift has admitted most of her romantic relationships were exercises in “infatuation”, not love.

The 25-year-old singer’s relationships with ex-boyfriends Harry Styles, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and others have been tabloid fodder for several years.

And although I Knew You Were Trouble star Taylor is notorious for writing songs about her former lovers, the songstress has revealed in a new interview that maturing has altered her entire concept of love.

"I'd never been in a relationship when I wrote my first couple of albums, so these were all projections of what I thought they might be like," Taylor noted in the June 2015 issue of America’s Elle magazine. "They were based on movies and books and songs and literature that tell us that a relationship is the most magical thing that can ever happen to you. And then once I fell in love, or thought I was in love, and then experienced disappointment or it just not working out a few times, I realised there's this idea of happily ever after which in real life doesn't happen.

“Now I have more of a grasp on the fact that when you're in a state of infatuation and you think everything that person does is perfect, it then - if you're lucky -morphs into a real relationship when you see that that person is not in fact perfect, but you still want to see them every day.”

But it seems Taylor may be experiencing her first fairytale romance, as rumours are rife she is engaged in an exciting love affair with Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris.

In fact it’s claimed they’re so smitten with each other, the private pair are planning on taking their romance public soon.

“Calvin and Taylor are planning to make their official outing as a public couple next month,” a source told the New York Daily News, noting the revelation is likely to take place in Las Vegas.

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