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Taylor Swift: We just wing the cameos!

Taylor Swift might have had stars including Nick Jonas, John Legend and Julia Roberts join her on stage during her 1989 world tour, but she admits that when it comes to securing her celebrity cameos, it’s just a case of going with the flow.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Taylor Swift “wings it” when it comes to getting celebrities to appear on stage with her.

The 25-year-old singer’s 1989 world tour has so far featured cameos from famous faces including Nick Jonas, John Legend, Julia Roberts and Lisa Kudrow.

While Taylor is consistently asked just how she manages to secure such a star-studded roster for her performances, she insists it’s a spontaneous process.

“Interviewers always ask me how we ’get’ these people to come to the shows to walk, and the truth is that everyone who has walked the catwalk at one of the shows was already there just to see the show,” Taylor admitted during a chat with the Associated Press. “Usually I ask them in my pre-show meet and greet if they want to come out on stage, then I’ll explain to them how the stage/elevator lift works and we just wing it.”

When Julia took to the stage with Taylor, she was also joined by folk singer Joan Baez. It was Julia’s children who gave Taylor the idea of their mother making an appearance in front of the thousands-strong crowd.

In fact, it was such a last-minute decision that Julia previously revealed she didn’t even have time to wash her hands beforehand.

“Joan Baez and Julia Roberts were both at my show in Santa Clara, and they were in my meet-and-greet room together,” Taylor said. “Julia is such a huge Joan fan and they were really hitting it off. I asked them if they wanted to walk out onstage together and Julia’s kids exploded into ’PLEASE!!’ So that’s how that happened.”

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