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Taylor-Johnson: Delivering my kids was intimate

Aaron Taylor-Johnson helped deliver both of his children, and says the process was “very intimate”.

The 24-year-old actor has two daughters, Wylda and Romy, with wife Sam Taylor-Wood.

And in a new interview Aaron opened up about the process of welcoming his children into the world, describing it as “very intimate”.

“Our two were both born at home, and I helped deliver my children. It was very intimate,” Aaron told At Large magazine. “When I was holding my daughter, I looked down and thought, This is the most pure and most gorgeous, innocent, angelic thing I’ve ever held in my hands. This is the purest thing we as humans can create. This is the best creation we can make. As parents, it becomes our job not to ruin it.”

Aaron has starred in movies such as Kick-Ass and Godzilla. And he admits in the interview that becoming a father has entirely changed the way he acts.

“Before I was married, I worked hard and played hard,” he said. “I started acting when I was six. By fourteen or fifteen I was getting jobs on my own. And that opened me to all the experiences that come with an adult lifestyle. It’s part of being a young actor. The wilder the drama in my life, the deeper I can get onscreen— that was kind of the philosophy I had at the time.

“Now, I’m selective about what I do. So much so that, when I read a script and think I can do it, I have to ask myself, Why do I want to do it? I look around at my wife and kids, think about it carefully first. It gives you real perspective.”

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