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The Flaming Lips 'still loves Erykah Badu'

Wayne Coyne of band The Flaming Lips insists that Erykah Badu "does crazy videos all the time."

The rocker and R&B singer were embroiled in a feud over a Flaming Lips music video for their single The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

The video, which Erykah appeared in, was filled with nudity and was reportedly released to the public in recent months without the singer's final consent. Incensed Erykah voiced her rage on Twitter stating that she was "unimpressed" and "uninspired" by its graphic nature.

The Flaming Lips quickly removed the video after Erykah voiced her concerns.

MTV News reports that Wayne believes Erykah was motivated more by her fans to condemn the video than her own true sentiments.

"[Erykah] does crazy videos all the time," Wayne said during an O Music Awards interview Thursday. "The Flaming Lips audience is this wonderful, loving audience that knows a lot about music and is very open to stuff. So the Flaming Lips audience, like me, loves Erykah Badu. And there's a segment of the Erykah Badu audience that I don't think like the Flaming Lips at all or doesn't even know we exist. And so when they see her doing this thing with us - and Erykah pointed this out: There's a segment of her audience that has she doesn't know which way to play it."

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