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The Rock: I'm a monster

The Rock feels "lucky" for making the word 'monster' "look pretty good".

The actor - real name Dwayne Johnson - stars in G.I. Joe: Retaliation alongside Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis.

During an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O radio show, the hosts praised the star for "looking good" in his military uniform and called him a "monster" because of his size. They also asked him if he had ever been in the military.

"I was not. Only in my mind when I was 12 years old playing with G.I Joes, but no, no, no," he answered.

"I think I make the word 'monster' look pretty good actually. I was lucky!"

The Rock is famed for his incredibly muscular physique. The star likes to help out fellow actors with their fitness regimes where he can.

"I've known Hugh [Jackman] for some time now. Obviously [Wolverine] is an incredibly successful franchise, and a character who he loves to play and who people around the world love. So he wanted to lean out a little bit, add some more muscle and it's a delicate balance to try and add muscle and drop fat at the same time," he explained.

"So we chatted and I gave him a little bit of advice for what has worked for me in the past and he looks great."

It was previously speculated the actor was considering a career in politics. The former wrestler says acting is the only thing on his agenda at the moment.

"First of all, the thing about politics is that you have to be passionate about politics in order to succeed. Right now I feel I can impact through entertainment much better at this point," he revealed. "But I wouldn't rule anything out. President Johnson doesn't sound too bad. President Rock," he laughed.

The Rock is famed for starring in a string of action movies. The hunk loves the high-octane scenes, but admits working with a green screen is a little less dynamic.

"When it is green screen it is a little bit of a challenge because you have to rely on the director saying, 'OK, the attack is coming, and it's coming in from your left,' and you're like, 'This way?' and they're like, 'No, your other left!'" he quipped.

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