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The Situation sentenced to anger management

Mike Sorrentino has accepted a plea deal after his arrest for assaulting his brother.

The former Jersey Shore star accepted a plea deal in court in Middletown, New Jersey, on Monday morning, following his arrest last month for assaulting his brother.

If Mike satisfactorily completes the three month one-on-one sessions, judge Richard Thompson will downgrade the assault charge to a petty crime of disorderly conduct.

Speaking outside the court, Mike’s attorney Edward Fradkin insisted the case had been blown out of proportion.

Mr Fradkin added that the attendance of Mike’s brother Frank in court proved the siblings had moved past their issues.

"We worked it out today. Ultimately, this is a squabble between brothers," he said. "His brother is here and his sister is here."

Mike was arrested last month at the Boca Tanning Club in Middletown, NJ, following a 911 call made to report a fist-fight between the reality star and his brother.

When the police arrived Mike was arrested and taken into custody. No one else was arrested.

Mike posted $500 bail and was released after being charged with simple assault.

It was later revealed that the black eye Mike sported following the altercation came from his mother Linda and not as a result of the fight with Frank.

"I'm going to let you in on a secret, mom is the one who got him," Mike's older brother Marc told E! Online. "She got him with a left. Mom's the tough one.”

“I broke my finger. I just got it out of the sling,” Mike’s mother Linda added. "I was trying to break him and Frank up and I think I missed and…"

Boca Club Tanning is also the setting for new reality TV show The Sorrentinos, which centres on the family business.

The tanning enthusiast opened the salon back in March this year along with his two brothers, his sister Melissa and his mother.

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