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The Wanted: Reality show was therapeutic

The Wanted were glad to do the first season of The Wanted Life as it strengthened their friendships.

The band provides an inset to their lives in the pop band via their E! network programme The Wanted Life.

Apparently the television offering forced them to be honest with each other.

"It changed us a lot. It was kind of a glorified counselling session," Siva Kaneswaran told MTV News about their first season. "When we had any problems, we had to speak up. It wasn't held back, no matter how awkward it was or how difficult it was, you have to do it.

“But it really brought us closer together because it showed that we cared more to speak about it and address it."

The boys clashed often in episodes as they delved into work and personal life issues.

However residing in the same house meant they were more likely to make up quickly.

"There were a couple moments that were quite heated," Max George admitted. "But I think that's allowed. We are always together and to actually be in a house, it makes you clash a little bit."

Despite living in Los Angeles, California during recording, the band didn’t have much opportunity to miss home as they were busy discovering the sunny city.

However when they did feel down, they were grateful to be around one another.

"The best part is you're never lonely. You always have someone to talk to," Jay chimed in. "Whether you are bored or sad or really happy ... and I just still find everyone really entertaining even if no one else does."

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