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The Wanted talk hospital drama

The Wanted were originally unaware of how serious Nathan Sykes' throat condition was.

The popular group star in The Wanted Life which follows the band's performances, private lives and love of partying.

Youngest member Nathan recently underwent throat surgery to fight a “haemorrhaging nodule", which has left him unable to sing for some time.

The rest of the boys - Max George, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran - were originally unaware of how severe his condition was.

"We've had an extensive touring and travelling schedule for the past year, and Nathan is singing really hard and different songs and has a lot to do. We could hear that he was getting ill, going on and off, but no indication that there was a serious problem," Jay admitted to MTV News.

"As the show started, we slowly realised it was getting serious and the producers were all like, 'Hopefully, he's OK,' and I was like, 'Yes! This is adding drama to the show.'"

Nathan's condition has forced him to take a hiatus and he is unsure about when he will be joining The Wanted on stage again.

The boys say the 20-year-old is still suffering the repercussions of his surgery.

"The moment you see Nathan come around from his operation, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry because one second he's up there on top of the world and the next minute, it hit him," Max explained, adding Nathan was making jokes in the hospital. "And you can go completely low and be upset, but I think the moment you see him come around is really going to hit home with fans and how serious it was."

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