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Friday 18 April 2014

The Wanted: Tom is so irritating

Tom Parker

The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran says his bandmate Tom Parker is “one big annoying habit”.

The British boyband have been spending a lot of time together recently after living in a house in Los Angeles while filming the reality TV series The Wanted Life. It seems some of Tom’s quirks proved a bit much for the other group members.

“He is like one big annoying habit,” Siva Kaneswaran joked to UK TV show Daybreak when asked who has the worst habits.

The other singers seemed to agree and Tom was happy to admit he can be difficult to live with.

“That’s fine, I’m happy with that. It’s true, yeah,” he replied.

Max George was quick to highlight Siva’s failings too. The stars often enjoyed playing a game of soccer in the ground of their Los Angeles mansion, but it seems Siva wasn’t always welcome to join in.

“We had a football net in the garden, which was cool,” Max explained. “But every time Siva got involved all the balls went off the cliff.”

Siva then admitted he was “pretty bad” when it comes to the sport.

The group had a great time in Los Angeles, revealing they loved the laidback lifestyle and the sunny weather.

However, they were in no doubt when asked if they would ever consider moving Stateside.

“No, it is always the UK, always,” Tom insisted as his bandmates nodded in agreement.

Nathan Sykes recently returned to the band after undergoing surgery for a haemorrhaging nodule on his vocal cords. Although the 20-year-old sang for the first time since his operation in April at a London concert last weekend, he isn’t completely back to full strength.

“It’s a lot better. There is a bit of recovery still to do, but slowly and steadily,” he said. “It was pretty severe, I was pretty scared for a while. It wasn’t pleasant.”

When asked if his bandmates had been there to support him, Nathan wryly replied: “Oh yeah, always.”

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