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The X Factor: YOU decide who mentors who!

The X Factor has been shaken up this year, with a change to how the categories are handed out to judges.

The TV talent show is due to hit screens this weekend, with Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora joining Simon Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on the panel. Usually the judges find out whether they will be working with the Boys, Girls, Groups or Over-25s late in the audition process, but things are changing in 2015.

There will be a live vote over Twitter while the auditions are airing, with viewers asked to tweet saying who they want working with each category. People will be able to vote between August 29 and September 1, with the judges expected to start asking for the category they want this weekend.

"The Groups this year are the best they have ever been. We have got three groups that I would take, right now from their first audition, straight through to the live shows and I would have no qualms about doing that. No fear," Cheryl is already quoted as saying.

Rita added: "For some reason the Groups are so powerful, they are literally on fire. The Girls are through the roof, so it's between those two, the Girls and the Groups. I'm putting a good word out there."

Simon is staying more circumspect, insisting that while it's interesting that his female co-stars are already making it clear who they want, he isn't worried. That's because he believes each of the categories has brilliant performers in it.

The judges will find out who they will be working with during the six-chair challenge at the end of the audition process - this is when those who make it through to judges' houses are revealed. In another change to proceedings, the judges' houses portion will be aired live too.

Although there is some rivalry between the judges already, Rita and Nick have been getting along famously. She has joked that the DJ's cheeky sense of humour will make for compulsive viewing.

"Grimmy and I said to each other that we didn’t want to change how we are normally with each other, just because we’re on TV.

“Grimmy makes me feel that I can say things I usually say in our private life," she told British newspaper The Sun.

“And Grimmy having me there makes him feel like he can say the jokes he thinks other people might not get. We balance each other out. I think Cheryl’s slowly coming on to our side though.

“Simon’s just being left alone in the corner!”

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