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Theo James: Shailene’s a really good person

Theo James is "impressed" with Shailene Woodley's outlook on life.

The 29-year-old actor stars alongside the brunette beauty in their upcoming action film Divergent.

While working with Shailene, Theo was in awe of her outlook on life. He also learnt a lot from her approach to keeping the environment clean.

“What I realised is that she's probably a much better person than I am. I was impressed by her level of ethical ability to kind of strive to be a better person - like with her environmental issues. Some peoples say to recycle, but they preach it and don't actually do it; Shai is one-hundred-per cent genuine in her way and very real,” he gushed to

“She really does those things in a way that puts us all to shame. She tried to convert me in terms of food, but my tastes aren't as refined as hers. She loves raw garlic and specially picked produce, which I'm all for, but I'm kind of more an instant gratification person. I'm a bit of a dude. I like meat. But I am buying it more responsibly, where it's more sourced responsibly. She definitely opened my eyes to some of that.”

Theo’s role as Four in the movie marks his first big lead in a film. He will also appear in Divergent’s future sequels Insurgent and Allegiant.

Recalling how he got into his career the British hunk admitted it wasn’t planned.

“What made me want to be an actor? Ah, I'm not really sure, to be honest,” he smiled.

“I was one of those little kids who did it around school, and then I got to university and made lots of bad plays and short films, and then midway through that, it suddenly dawned on me that this might be a satisfying way to earn a living, if that was at all feasible.”

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