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Theroux: My relationship's not difficult

Justin Theroux calls the paparazzi "an annoyance" but insists they don't affect him too much.

The 42-year-old actor is engaged to the 45-year-old actress and they face constant speculation about when they will tie the knot. Although some would find the intense scrutiny hard to handle, Justin takes it in his stride.

"It doesn't feel like a hardship, it doesn't feel difficult," he told Details magazine, adding he's seen paparazzi knock over kids in their haste to get a picture of him and Jennifer. "It can be an annoyance, but it's not the end of the world. You have to centre on what its core thing is, which is that you met someone you fell in love with. It's hard to explain. I just find myself wondering, 'What's the big f**king deal?'"

Justin is good friends with Robert Downey Jr., who introduced him to Jennifer. They bonded over their similar experiences at experimental schools, with Robert thrilled to see them getting on so well.

"He and Jen fell in a real, legit fashion," Robert explained, "and he was willing from the jump to make sacrifices."

Justin has been working on his TV show The Leftovers in New York City of late, while Jennifer has stayed at their home in Los Angeles. It's led to intense rumours about the state of their romance, which they put to bed with a sweet public appearance to promote Justin's TV show last month.

The main thing for Justin is how embarrassing false rumours are - while shooting the programme he had to field congratulations from a member of the crew following a report that Jennifer was expecting twins.

"You just kind of ignore it, but then you also become reluctant to say anything about the relationship. I could say everything's good, and then it's reflected back as 'JUSTIN THEROUX: EVERYTHING'S GOOD?' That just creates this echo chamber, and it ricochets around the internet, it just gets wacky," he said.

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