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Tim Robbins: Life is blissful

Tim Robbins has no interest in dating right now.

The Shawshank Redemption star was with Susan Sarandon for more than 20 years before they split in 2009.

At 56, Tim says dating isn't high on his priory list and he's content with current circumstances.

"I'm really enjoying my life right now. I'm not implying that it wasn't fun before. Susan and I made a lot of great things together and raised three incredible children," he explained to Details. "But I'm absolutely fulfilled, blissful, artistically challenged. I live in a nice place with a beautiful garden, and I take bike rides on the beach and feel healthy.

"No [I've never tried dating websites], but someone made a joke that they should change the name of that app to Tim-der."

Tim has had a varied career over the last 30 years, starring in everything from cinema smashes to TV shows, and bagging an Oscar along the way for 2003's Mystic River.

His latest project is comedy series The Brink with Jack Black, but he remains best known for classic Shawshank. It's often replayed on TV, but Tim doesn't see any money out of it.

"When [media mogul Ted] Turner sold it, he sold it to himself, so I don't know who's making the money. But that's irrelevant.

"For whatever reason, that movie changes people's lives. So many people tell me they were on the wrong path and it changed their direction or it was healing for them. I'll never top it. If I spent my life trying to better that, I'd be a fool," he admitted.

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