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Timberlake breaks the rules

Justin Timberlake admits he leans toward a “counter-culture collective” way of thinking.

The 32-year-old musician and actor stars in the Coen brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis, which depicts the 1960s folk music scene in New York City.

The pop singer loved shooting the picture and found the experience eye-opening.

"[Joel and Ethan Coen are] the equivalent of [Bob] Dylan in the film industry,” Justin told the Associated Press.

"We just all jammed together for a couple weeks. So you felt like this counter-culture collective.

"I don't like rules of, 'Well, this is what you do, or this is the picture frame you're supposed to live in.’ You just never know what might come out of trying everything."

Justin was pleased to combine his passion for music and movies into his work for Inside Llewyn Davis.

Although he acknowledges he is multitalented, the star confesses sometimes he doesn’t know what commitment to take on.

"I don't even know what I am, man," he laughed.

"[But Inside Llewyn Davis is] the first time that I've gotten to kind of do a lot of things that I love to do at the same time. It will always be a milestone for me to get to write, sing, act and bring it all together."

Justin is also allegedly focusing heavily on his personal life at this time.

When asked by E! News about when they would become parents, his wife Jessica Biel admitted they were considering it.

“I'm not quite sure about sooner or later, but definitely at some point,” she said.

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