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Tina Fey 'dumb' to agree to live show

Tina Fey was "dumb enough" to agree to a second live airing of 30 Rock.

The cast is gearing up for the comedy series broadcast on Thursday. Show creator Tina has no fears jumping into the challenge for a second time.

"No - just dumb enough to say yes," she told Entertainment Weekly.

The actress plays Liz Lemon, a head writer of the sketch comedy show, TGS with Tracy Jordan. She admits filming the show live is stressful.

"It's still a lot of work, and I'm sure we'll have some moments in the next couple of days that are harrowing of like, 'Wait, how long is it?' But I think we're definitely excited to be asked to do it again. NBC asked us if we would consider doing another one and we were like, 'Yeah. Sure,'" she said.

The last live episode included cameos from James Marsden and Elizabeth Banks. This time there will also be some surprise guests.

"No Liz Banks. No James Marsden - that I can tell you," she said. "[But] there will be some very exciting cameos, some friends of comedy, some friends of 30 Rock. Also, you'll get to see our people do some things they don't usually get to do."

The finale of 30 Rock's sixth season is set to air with a few plot twists. Alec Baldwin's character Jack Donaghy will fight to save his marriage despite being in love with his mother-in-law, played by Mary Steenburgen. There are also developments in Liz Lemon's relationship with her boyfriend Criss. Tina says there may be some baby news for her character.

"Well, we'll keep going in that track, yes. We'll see the return of Liz Banks and the return of Mary Steenburgen," she said.

"That's awkward because Jack tried to bone both of them. James Marsden's back.

"It's not a cliff-hanger. We leave them where we leave them, but it's not a cliff-hanger."

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