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Tina Fey: Miss Piggy is like Mariah

Tina Fey has revealed the "tension" she experienced when working with Miss Piggy on Muppets Most Wanted.

The comedian was thrilled to be involved with the famous puppets' latest big-screen adventure. Unfortunately her character Nadya has a lot of scenes with Kermit the Frog, which didn't sit well with his girlfriend Miss Piggy.

"Miss Piggy and I only appear in a few scenes together. There's tension because my character falls in love with Kermit and she senses that. I'd say she was pretty restrained in a high-status, Mariah Carey way. I was the Nicki Minaj to her Mariah Carey," she laughed to British magazine Elle, referencing the two stars' infamously difficult working relationship during American Idol.

The film wasn't the only strange shooting experience Tina has had. She starred as Liz Lemon in US TV show 30 Rock and can't believe some of the scenes she appeared in.

"We shot a scene for 30 Rock with the real Condoleezza Rice [former US Secretary of State] and she played the piano while Jack Donaghy [played by Alec Baldwin] aggressively played the flute - they were supposedly former lovers," she recalled. "That was a weird day."

As well as being an actress, Tina pens scripts. She was behind 30 Rock and also wrote the movie Mean Girls.

Hitting the big time has taught her not to take notice of what other people say about her. She constantly reminds herself that the internet, and what's written on it, isn't her "boss" and is a proud feminist.

"Of course [I am]. There are different ways to be a feminist in your writing," she said. "You can either write for an ideal universe where everyone models what they want the world to be, or let your characters be imperfect and spark discussion. Mean Girls is very pro-women, but a lot of the jokes come from the terribleness of the behaviour."

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