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Tina Fey: My kids love the wild

Tina Fey liked not having to comb her hair or get dressed for her latest project.

The American comedienne is more used to film and TV sets than being out in nature, but Tina's children Alice, nine, and three-year-old Penelope yearn for the great outdoors.

"We have family in Ohio, so that's the farthest into the wild that we get. But both of my kids love animals - Penelope spends a good portion of the day pretending to be a cat. They're city kids, so they're always begging to go to the country,” Tina told People.

Much to her kids’ delight, Tina’s latest project is all about nature. She narrates Monkey Kingdom, which is made by Disneynature, a documentary that follows a newborn monkey and his mother as they struggle to survive in their group of monkeys.

"[My favourite monkey is] Maya and then Grandpa. He's really old. Well, he's 40, and in monkey world - and in Hollywood - that's old. He's really cute,” she smiled.

“[The best part about doing voiceover is] you can do it in your pyjamas, and you don't have to comb your hair."

Tina’s daughters are also big Disney fans. The 44-year-old and her husband Jeff Richmond welcome all things Disney related into their house, with Frozen still flavour of the month for Penelope and Alice.

"Frozen of course is a really big deal. I love Disney, and there's a lot in our house. From princesses up to Disney XD, my two girls are fully immersed in the lifestyle,” she revealed.

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