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Friday 18 April 2014

Toksvig plea for women TV hosts

Sandi Toksvig wants to see more female TV hosts

Sandi Toksvig has criticised broadcasters for not giving women jobs as chat show hosts.

Presenter Sandi, 55, who presents The News Quiz on BBC Radio 4 and appears as a panellist on several comedy quizzes, said women were also being snubbed when it came to quiz shows.

Male quizmasters include Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? star Chris Tarrant, University Challenge's Jeremy Paxman, Pointless's Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman and Egghead's Dermot Murnaghan and Jeremy Vine.

"Queen of Mean" Anne Robinson - one of the highest-profile of recent female quiz show hosts - stepped down from her role presenting The Weakest Link last year.

Sandi told the Radio Times: "I would like to see more female quiz-show hosts on TV because they set a different tone.

"Women aren't as used to pushing themselves forward verbally or physically. So on a quiz show like Mock The Week you don't get very many female panellists because the environment doesn't lend itself to us.

"There's no reason for it because you have the answers right in front of you - all you need to do is read, and I have been doing that since I was four years old.

"It's the same as chat shows - where are the women? It is just a conversation - women are great at those."

The presenter and author added: "With the current crop of hosts, it tends to tip over and become more about them, so you rarely find out anything new about the guest."

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