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Tom Cruise and Holmes led separate lives before split

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes lived in "separate sections" of their Los Angeles apartment ahead of their split, it has been reported.

A source claimed that the A-List couple were sleeping in separate bedrooms and added it was common knowledge to visitors that each resided in their own wing.

The insider also said that Katie wasn't happy for others to witness their unusual living arrangements but felt she had no power to change the situation.

"It was really weird in all respects. There were men in suits on all the doors of the complex and they would often escort you up to the apartment in an elevator keeping an eye on you. It was quite unnerving. Tom and Katie had a lot of people coming to see them there, to cut their hair and cook for them and stuff," a source told British newspaper The Mirror. "Everyone knew they stayed in separate sections of the apartment but nobody mentioned it. Katie was really embarrassed about it, and didn't seem to like people to see the way they were living behind closed doors. But she just got on with it and knew there was nothing she could do about it."

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Katie rented a New York apartment weeks before her split from Cruise.

The brunette beauty is believed to have made the secret arrangement while the actor was filming sci-fi movie Oblivion in Iceland, in the hope it may support her case in the state of New York.

The former Dawson's Creek star reportedly filed for divorce in the city because she believes it will increase her chances of winning sole custody of the couple's daughter, Suri.

However, Tom is reportedly trying to halt the proceedings and file for divorce in their home state of California where the law could make it easier for him to win joint custody of the six-year-old.

"[He] will file a response in New York, asking that the divorce proceedings be halted in the Big Apple because California is the proper venue for the matter to proceed. Team Cruise is going to assert that Katie doesn't meet the residency requirements to file in New York, and that both live full time in California, specifically Los Angeles," a source told RadarOnline. "At the same time, Tom will file for divorce in California, and will request joint custody of Suri. There is absolutely no way that he is going let Katie have sole custody. The lines are being drawn, and this is going shape up to be a very contentious custody battle."

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