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Tom Cruise ‘got in trouble at school’

Tom Cruise's old school friend has opened up about the antics they apparently got up to while studying together.

The Hollywood star began attending the St. Francis Seminary School in Cincinnati when he was around 14, after his mother and father's marriage breakdown.

He developed a close friendship with Shane Dempler, who has now opened up about why Tom left the teaching establishment.

Shane claims he and Tom came up with a plan to help themselves to some alcohol that the priests had bought for a party, but got caught.

"[I] tossed about six, most broke, but we managed to get a couple and hide them in the nearby woods," he told New York Daily News.

"The priests didn’t even realise until some of the other boys found out about our plan and snuck into the woods and got drunk. They were caught staggering down the road to the seminary and forced to confess.

"The school wrote a letter to our parents saying they liked us both, but would prefer if we didn't return. So we weren’t kicked out, just preferred not to go."

The publication wasn't able to talk to Tom about the alleged incident.

Priests at the school have claimed the star left after his family moved again.

Tom was a devout Catholic when he was growing up, although he is now a follower of Scientology. He even considered becoming a priest, with Shane claiming the actor was serious about the vocation at one point.

"We went to Mass, spent time in the chapel and enjoyed hearing stories from the priests. We thought the priests had a great lifestyle and we were really interested in priesthood," Shane explained. “In truth we were too young to make that decision."

A speech by Father Ric Schneider was what eventually made Tom decide to go to the school. The holy man recalls how the star became "instantly hooked", although almost didn't get a place.

"He as a typical teenager, trying to find his way in life. We would give them an IQ test, and he just about made the cut. The cutoff is 110, and he scored exactly 110," he explained.

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