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Tom Felton opens up about biggest fear

Tom Felton has joked the walls in his home are covered in Harry Potter memorabilia.

The British actor stars in adventure movie Against the Sun, playing US Navy airman Tony Pastula, who finds himself marooned with two fellow pilots in the South Pacific during World War II.

It turns out the concept is one of his biggest fears, so it wasn't hard for Tom to get into character while on the lifeboat without food or water.

"That’s one of them. We were quite lucky. It wasn’t that hard to imagine how scary that actually is – swimming in the ocean with like fifty feet beneath you is one of my biggest fears. The idea of what could come up and what could be around you terrifies me," he shuddered to

"We were shooting in a tank for most of the film, apart from one day when we actually went out into the ocean to film a couple of sequences. When we were out there, it was absolutely terrifying. We actually saw a whale about a hundred yards away and I literally s*at myself. I put on a brave face because I was with the boys, but inside I was like, 'Do not come any closer.'"

Despite his impressive performance, Tom never really enjoys watching his own films. However, he is proud of the hard work he and co-stars Garret Dillahunt and Jake Abel put into the project and found the experience of watching the finished piece "rewarding".

Tom rose to fame playing nasty wizard Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise; a role he is still very much associated with. At his home in Los Angeles, the blond actor can't help but boast a few cheeky pieces of memorabilia.

"Absolutely. The walls are covered with it. No, the truth is my lovely girlfriend has a picture in the office," he laughed. "There are a few different pieces. We want to Potter World not so long ago and had to get all the goodies I could get my hands on. We got some goodies up on the wall, for sure."

Despite his star status, Tom often finds himself star struck and cites being retweeted by comedy actor Ricky Gervais as the highlight of his social media career.

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