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Tom Felton's star status struggles

Tom Felton now understands Harry Potter superfans better after making a documentary about them.

The actor rose to fame playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films and has amassed a worldwide fan base.

The franchise remains enduringly popular to adults and children alike, with many gathering at conventions to enjoy their shared love for the boy wizard. Now Tom is shining a light on the superfans with a new documentary.

"I don't feel it's a responsibility [when fans queue and tell me their problems] but people told me things in this programme that were hard to ignore," he admitted to British newspaper Metro.

"I'm not a very good 'famous person'. If someone starts taking a sly picture I become very awkward - not because I am rude but because I'm not sure I know what I should be doing. Making this documentary has helped me understand who the fans are a bit more. It has given me an insight into it."

At 27, Tom has spent more than a decade in the limelight. While he's used to dealing with the pitfalls of fame, it hasn't always been easy. As part of the documentary the blonde star meets a middle-aged female who continuously follows him around.

"She came to mind when we did the programme. It was a chance to dig into her personal story and meet her. She's a sweet person, there's no malice behind it, but at the same time it's not something I fully understand and my mum still has her worries about people who talk to me as if they have known me for years," he explained.

Tom continues to have ambitions to play James Bond or a Bond villain but for now he can next be seen in Clavius, which tells the story of the Jesus' crucifixion from the Roman perspective.

"I came to it as an atheist but working on the film has left me slightly agnostic. It humanises the man and it's about what he did as a real person. My character doesn't kill Jesus. He's a goodie. I was aware the backlash of killing Jesus might be worse than for playing Draco on Potter," he smiled.

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