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Tom Hiddleston: 'I was a fool to impersonate De Niro'

Tom Hiddleston isn't sure what inspired him to impersonate Hollywood legend Robert De Niro in the actor's presence.

Tom Hiddleston felt "like a fool" when he did an impersonation of Robert De Niro in the presence of the acclaimed actor.

The British star stopped by the U.K.'s The Graham Norton Show last October (15), along with Hollywood stars Robert, Anne Hathaway and Kenneth Branagh. At host Graham's behest, Tom showed off his talent for mimicry by impersonating Al Pacino, Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken, as well as Robert, whom he referred to as "an esteemed gentleman".

While Robert appeared to approve of Tom's recreation of a scene from the 1995 crime film Heat, Tom now admits that he isn't sure what inspired him do the piece.

"I don't know why I did that. I don't know why anyone would do that," he said during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night (13Apr16), adding, "Nevertheless, I did, because I'm a fool, and it went OK."

The 35-year-old explained he now remembers the impersonation "a bit like a car crash" and in "slow motion" and adds he felt the 72-year-old actor was "more amused" by his other attempts at imitation.

Tom also revealed he has added an impersonation of Chris Evans to his repertoire and proceeded to perform spot-on likeness of the Captain America star for Seth, causing the audience to burst into applause.

But the Thor actor was careful to warn Chris of his impersonation attempt as he didn't want to offend his Avengers co-star.

"Chris, if you're out there watching, I'm sorry," he laughed.

Tom is in the U.S. to promote the critically-acclaimed six-part TV spy thriller series The Night Manager, which also stars Hugh Laurie. The charismatic actor's star is certainly on the rise, and he also portrays country music star Hank Williams in biopic I Saw the Light.

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