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Tom Selleck: TV fathers are terrible

Tom Selleck doesn't think the majority of father figures shown on TV shows set a good example.

The American star has starred in some of TVs biggest shows, including taking the lead role in Magnum, P.I., playing Monica's boyfriend Richard in Friends and more recently Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in cop drama Blue Bloods.

He's well known for his bushy moustache, but Tom also prides himself on his mature mentality.

"When you're not feeling so good, put on a happy face, it's infectious - these things sound kind of corny and stupid, but this is our life," Tom told the American edition of GQ magazine. "I get half my time in LA, but when we're here [filming in New York], we all like each other, and we don't have anybody stir the pot on Blue Bloods. I like to think I've set some of that example.

"I'm older than most of the actors. I play the patriarch, and it's a rare opportunity to show a positive example. I'm not... I don't believe in playing characters that aren't flawed. He's got issues, but at the same time, most dads on TV are idiots. Homer Simpson is an idiot."

As well as his vast back catalogue of TV work, Tom has also starred in numerous big screen productions.

Early next year he'll celebrate his 70th birthday, and as the milestone approaches, Tom can't help but reflect on his time in front of the camera.

"I guess it's next year," he smiled when reminded of his birthday.

"I also figured something out, and I swear to God, about four days ago I did some math, and in two years I'll have 50 years in the business, and that just scared the sh*t out of me. I mean, the good news is I'm still working!"

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