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Tom Wilkinson: Celebrity’s not my style

Tom Wilkinson likes keeping under the radar as he simply has no interest in being famous.

The 66-year-old Golden Globe-winner has been acting professionally since 1976 and he’s starred in iconic films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Batman Begins, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

But Tom shies away from the limelight at all costs, as he’d rather perform routine tasks like grocery shopping without fanfare.

"Oh, it's just not my style," he explained to British newspaper The Independent about his reaction to being on the cover of magazines. "I like to go to Waitrose and not be recognised. Being on the cover – it's not really me."

Tom admits he doesn’t always escape his celebrity when he’s out and about.

The star went on to share an anecdote about an interesting cab ride he took in London on his way to the interview with the publication.

"I had a Bulgarian taxi driver on the way here. He said, 'I seen you on TV haven't I? You have very... annoying face',” he recalled with an eyebrow raised before noting, "Perhaps he meant 'memorable'."

Although he doesn’t necessarily embrace fame himself, Tom is enthusiastic about meeting Hollywood A-listers at major red carpet events.

He often gets starstruck by the people he meets.

"Yes, it happens a lot. But when you go up a red carpet, like at the Golden Globes or the Oscars, it's a fantastic experience,” Tom said. "You get to see really, really famous people and I still have this thing that I'm not really one of them. I just think, 'F**king hell, so that's what Rupert Murdoch looks like,' or 'My God, Elton John's head is so big! It's huuuuuge!'"

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