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Top chef Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal’s romance with model Alyssa Miller is going from strength to strength.

The Hollywood heartthrob has been dating Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller for around four months. It seems the pair are smitten and enjoy inviting friends over for a meal – with Jake firmly in control in the kitchen.

"I have people over all the time and we cook. I love having people over socially and cooking dinner parties,” Alyssa told Us Weekly, before she was quizzed on who cooks the most. "He's the teacher.”

The 24-year-old brunette was pressed further on how her romance with Jake is developing. While she was reluctant to go into much detail, she did reveal that the couple are very happy together.

"Things are good," she said with a smile.

Jake has made no secret of being a foodie. He recently revealed that he even channels his fascination into his movie roles.

"I’m obsessed with food. I love eating in general, but if I’m somewhere on location, I tend to find one restaurant and weirdly will eat one or two things that I love,” he explained to GQ Australia. “Then I’ll know I’m going there at the end of the day to eat that thing. It’s like a strange catharsis to me. I don’t know what it does… but it kind of breaks the boundaries of something that’s different to what my character would eat.”

The 32-year-old star had to lose weight to play a struggling crime reporter in new thriller Nightcrawler.

Alyssa has no problem with helping Jake transform his appearance for film roles.

"I've been cooking really clean and healthy," she added. "I've been making a lot of quinoa dishes."

Alyssa and Jake apparently fell for each other after bonding over their love of fitness and healthy eating. It has been reported they started dating in June when they met at a gym.

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