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Tori: I’ll tell the kids about affair

Tori Spelling will tell her children about their father’s affair when they’re older, she has revealed.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress has opened up her life for the cameras in Lifetime reality show True Tori.

And while the series explores difficult subjects, such as her husband Dean McDermott’s infidelity, Tori insists she likes the new way people see their life together.

"I used to get people say, 'Wow you're perfect - your lives, your marriage, your children, your work - everything is just perfect,'" she told Entertainment Tonight. "That was such a hard pedestal to be put upon and I used to think how do I maintain that? And inside I was just cracking. And now it's all been put out there, there's a huge crack in it... They know everything and for me it was a huge relief,” she explained.

Tori also opened up about how her children, seven-year-old Liam, six-year-old Stella, two-year-old Finn and one-year-old Hattie, have been coping with their parents’ relationship issues.

While the quartet know nothing about their father’s affair, Tori reveals she has no issue informing them of Dean’s indiscretion when they get older.

"When they're adults I have no problem going back to them and telling them what happened - they don’t know about the affair," she said. "I want to be able to sit down with them at one point and say, 'Dad and I had a really hard year, we worked on our relationship and we survived it. We're survivors and we're still together and we're happier and stronger than we were. And we documented our lives because we thought it could help others and this was our process.'"

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