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Tori Spelling’s ‘wake up call’

Tori Spelling thinks it necessary she take more time for herself next year away from her husband Dean McDermott and their four children.

Since 2013, the 41-year-old mother-of-four has been hospitalised several times. Most recently in October she stayed in a medical centre for about a week after allegedly suffering from pneumonia.

And Tori intends to make a lot more time for self care in the wake of all her health upsets.

"With four little ones everyone is always sick, and being mom, I never take time for myself until I get so hard that I end up in the hospital like I did," she told Us Weekly. "Now that was a wake up call to know that when mom is down, the ship goes down. So I have to basically make sure that I take time for myself every now and then to make sure I’m healthy so I can be there for them."

Tori fell pregnant with her youngest son Finn just a couple of months after giving birth to her third child Hattie and developed a condition called placenta previa, which almost killed her while she was expecting him.

She has her hands full caring for four small children and the True Tori reality star is convinced 2015 is the perfect time to explore the joys of solitude.

"I am never by myself," she said. "I don’t even think I’ve peed alone in the last eight years. I’m not kidding. I’m trying to learn. That’s something I’m working on. That will be my New Year’s resolution. It’s been hard, but as they get a little bit older, I’m feeling more comfortable doing it. It’s just something I need to make a priority for all of our happiness. I want to take a little time to do things with my friends."

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