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Tracee Ellis Ross believes in fate

Tracee Ellis Ross believes life is "divinely mapped out".

The American actress is the daughter of soul superstar Diana Ross. Tracee says that her mother always taught her to be true to herself, and not be influenced by outside factors.

"My mother always encouraged all of her children to discover and embrace who we are, so my focus has never been trying to get out of something... it has always been to just be who I am," she told Juicy magazine.

"The rest is divinely mapped out."

Tracee is proud of her mother. The star says Diana is an inspiration to generations, although the newer ones aren't familiar with her or her music.

"There's a whole generation that doesn't even know Diana Ross is my mom and that her song I'm coming out is sampled on the Notorious B.I.G song Mo Money, Mo problems," she added. "A lot of people have no idea. But she's my mom and we're really, really close."

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