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Tracee Ellis Ross: Dating is difficult

Tracee Ellis Ross is "holding out hope" that she'll find the "perfect" man one day.

The 39-year-old actress believes that relationships are difficult. Tracee also thinks that finding a compatible partner is also a lot harder than it looks.

"Honey, aren't they just," she mused when discussing relationships being difficult.

"Dating is a tough situation, it can be hard navigating the relationship playing field. Us women have just gotta hold out hope that there's the perfect guy out there for us."

Tracee is famed for her lead role as Joan Clayton on the UPN/CW series Girlfriends. The star is also portraying Dr. Carla Reed on the new BET sitcom Reed Between the Lines. Tracee loves putting aspects of her own personality into her onscreen characters.

"Definitely with Carla and with Joan," she replied to Pride magazine when asked who she channels her own personality into.

"Oh gosh, Joan had some problems girl. She was messed up when it came to men!"

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