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Twinnie-Lee Moore: Storyline has me weeping

Twinnie-Lee Moore has spoken about coping with her "horrific" Hollyoaks plot.

The 27-year-old actress plays the erratic Porsche McQueen in the popular soap and her character has had a tough time as of late, including a troubled relationship with her alcoholic mother Reenie.

To add to her troubles, Porsche recently told her family that she was physically and sexually abused when she was 15 by Reenie's boyfriend Pete Buchanan. But her family don't believe her and the harrowing storyline is taking a real toll on Twinnie-Lee.

“I feel very drained after a heavy day. I’ve never worked harder," she told British newspaper The Sun.

“It’s a horrific story and it really made me cry. You go through the emotions."

The brunette star read Behind Closed Doors by Jenny Tomlin, Martine McCutcheon's mother, to get into the right mind set.

Twinnie-Lee has managed to put on an impressive performance for fans, but away from the camera she's struggled to keep calm.

"I feel what Jenny goes through - that made it easier for me to call up the tears when I’m playing Porsche.

“I feel like I’ve been constantly crying for the last six weeks. I feel very drained after a heavy day. I’ve never worked harder," she sighed.

Luckily she and Zöe Lucker, who plays Reenie, get along famously away from the camera. Twinnie-Lee spoke about their off-screen relationship earlier this year and described her co-star as like a sister, adding that they "bounce off each other" perfectly during filming.

As fans congratulate Twinnie-Lee, she took the time to thank them on Twitter as well as her Hollyoaks relatives.

"Thanks for all your tweets! I have the best onscreen family!@KaiKaiOwen @nadinerose_x @sgeorge92 Zoe Lucker @NickRhys they smashed it! (sic)" she wrote yesterday.

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