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Ty Burrell: Fans treat me like a pet

Ty Burrell says people approach him in the street like they would a "dog".

The actor is best known for playing Phil Dunphy in the TV show Modern Family. Ty insists he rarely attracts female admirers, but fans of the series often greet him like a beloved pet.

"Not women, no," he replied when asked if he has any crazy stalkers. "There's something quite asexual about Phil, but I get a lot of people approaching me the way they would approach a dog."

The 44-year-old also revealed fans often invite him to parties at their home. However, Ty usually avoids spending too long talking to strangers when he is out in public, as they usually tend to mock his TV character.

"People will come up and grab me in the street, like I'm some friendly giant animal in an amusement park. Then they'll drag me over to their birthday parties, like I'm one of those guys you pay to parade around in a bear suit," he added to the May issue of UK magazine Glamour. "They'll point and laugh and shout, 'It's Phil Dunphy!' So I just have to wave and watch them laugh and move on."

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