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Ty Burrell: Moustaches are manly

Ty Burrell lied to his wife so he could fulfill his desire to grow a moustache.

The Modern Family actor has been open about his admiration for facial hair in the past, which he thinks is why his character Phil Dunphy sported a fake moustache for one episode of the show.

Although everyone around him thinks he's over his obsession, the 46-year-old star still dreams of letting his stubble grow.

"A little," he replied, when Metro asked if he's still obsessed with moustaches. "I can’t really grow a beard so the only way I can exhibit my manhood is by growing a moustache. I asked my wife and she said, ‘No way.’ Then I sort of lied and said, ‘I think Phil might wear a moustache.’ So she let me grow one a couple of summers ago. It was huge. I sent a photo to the bosses and they emailed back immediately telling me to shave it off because it looked so horrible."

Although Ty is enjoying huge success now, it hasn't always been that way. When he was an up-and-coming actor he had to live in his van as he struggled to make ends meet. He isn't sure he could hack that way of life now.

"Boy, that’s a really good question. I’m definitely still a man of few creature comforts but I don’t think I could go back to living in a van if it didn’t have access to televised sports," he said.

Modern Family has been a huge hit with TV viewers and critics alike and has won Ty many awards, including a best supporting comedy show actor Emmy. He doesn't let success get to him though, explaining some people have suggested he should be prouder of his achievements.

"I was just getting some c**p about that from someone chastising me for keeping [the awards] in the basement," he admitted. "I’m awfully proud of them but I’m not sure where to put them, so it doesn’t seem like, ‘Oh, these old things?’ Someone said I could use them as door stops. I’m sure they’ll make their way out of the basement. I’ll find a happy medium."

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