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Tyson thrilled with Broadway success

Mike Tyson gave away free tickets to his one-man show because he thought it no one would go.

The former heavyweight boxing champion made his Broadway debut last year with his one-man show Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, in which he opened up about his tumultuous life.

While the stage play drew legions of high profile fans, including 50 Cent, Mike admits he was having second thoughts before opening night.

“The first night we gave tickets to everyone that we knew, our friends that would tell us ‘Mike this sucks,’” he told MTV News.

To the athlete’s surprise, audiences couldn’t get enough. According to the star, people were even laughing at the parts he didn’t intentionally make funny.

“They really enjoyed it. On the first night, I couldn't believe the response," Mike said. "People were laughing. I said, why are you laughing? I'm talking about my life! I just came to the conclusion if they're laughing, if they're happy, that means it's a good show."

Mike goes on to explain that he was inspired to write the play after watching actor Chazz Palminteri in Las Vegas. He then got backing from Spike Lee after news of Mike’s creative venture reached the director’s ears.

"We were in Vegas and we saw Chazz Palminteri in A Bronx Tale, and I was saying to my wife, I was explaining, baby, I can do this," Mike said.

"Spike called me while in Europe and asked to do it on Broadway. I was ecstatic about that."

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth is scheduled to air on HBO on Saturday night.

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