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Underwood: 1D should do country

Carrie Underwood thinks One Direction should explore the country music genre – and reckons a collaboration with her is the perfect first step.

The 31-year-old singer has made a name for herself as one of the premier country music singers. And Carrie thinks the time is right for the chart-topping boyband to possibly explore the genre.

“If One Direction ever want to go country, I'm here,” Carrie told MailOnline. “You never know, it could happen!”

And Carrie is willing to take it on herself in an attempt to forge a connection with the five-piece band.

She added she might get in touch with One Direction’s manager Simon Cowell to discuss a potential collaboration.

“I think I should get on the phone to Simon,” she continued.

Carrie and One Direction have something in common, as well. They both found their start in the music industry through TV talent shows – Carrie on American Idol and One Direction on The X Factor UK.

And while many music stars have been vocal about their dislike of such shows, Carrie thinks they are a positive addition to the industry.

“I definitely think it's an opportunity [to go on these shows],” Carrie said. “Just because you don't win doesn't mean you won't be successful after.

“It's real people getting up there and singing. It's really real and raw.”

However, Carrie isn’t sure whether or not she could use her experience on Idol to sit as a judge on the panel.

The soft-spoken star doesn’t know if she could be as honest as she would need to be in a judge capacity.

“I feel like it would be really hard to be honest, and I do think a lot of judges lose face, because I think people really need to hear it like it is. I think I'd be too nice.”

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