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Union: What’s your breaking point?

Gabrielle Union has spoken about her thoughts on reality TV stars like the Kardashian clan.

The 42-year-old actress portrays a reality TV star in forthcoming comedy, Top Five.

And although Gabrielle won’t consider doing one of those programmes herself, she doesn’t think having a reality show is necessarily a bad idea.

“I don’t jab the Kardashians or anybody’s hustle to feed their family and to keep a roof over their head,” Gabrielle told Page Six. “However you make a check, that’s on you. You have to decide what your breaking point is in life. Whatever is necessary, then by all means do it.”

Gabrielle, a natural brunette, went blonde for her role in Top Five.

And the stunning thespian admits she feared for her follicles after the drastic colour change took place.

“I have dark hair, and the process to get it blonde [for the film] made my hair fall out,” she recalled. “Some people gain weight for a role, I practically went bald for a role. I lost so much hair!”

But fortunately for her, Gabrielle’s husband Dwyane Wade loved the blonde look, at least at first.

After she began losing her hair, Dwyane’s attitude changed quickly.

“[He] loved the blond and thought I looked sexy,” Gabrielle said. “But once I went bald, he was like, ‘I’m ready for you to go back!’”

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