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Usher planned Winehouse collaboration

Usher planned to record with Amy Winehouse before her death.

The R&B star is always looking for new music sounds and felt teaming up with the British jazz star would be an interesting experience. He approached her producer Salaam Remi about it but never managed to get into the studio with Amy before her death last year.

"There was a few conversations that took place, but we never quite made it to it... I would have loved it," he told MTV. "It could have been one of the most incredible records ever. A voice like that comes once in a lifetime."

Usher and Amy once bumped into each other while shopping in London. They stopped to talk to each other and he wishes they had nailed down a date to work together then.

"Before you know it we talked and exchanged information and I invited her to a show... and she didn't come," he said.

Usher performed several songs on the UK's BBC Radio 1 today, where he also spoke about his sons Usher V, four, and three-year-old Naviyd Ely. Spending time with his boys always makes him happy and he has spoken about the things they do for fun.

"I get to see them tomorrow, I'm excited about our summer getaway," he said. "They love the beach but I love activities, I like wall climbing, horseback riding, animal petting. It's cool to be able to take them out of their usual setting. When I have the time to do outdoor activities with them - that stuff is good for my pastimes.

"I am always thinking, until I'm with my children. [Then] I'm only thinking about them and how to keep them happy and moving in a positive direction. They take all of the attention."

Usher's new album is called Looking 4 Myself. He decided to include the digit in the title because it is a number which means a lot to him.

"It's a personal number I am the fourth. I am Usher Raymond IV. The fourth generation. I don't normally go by Usher Raymond IV though. That four is a very powerful number," he said.

The 33-year-old says his life inspires his records, adding he hopes his latest effort appeals to a broad range of people.

"Music is art so the more I live and see the more I'm inspired to share with the world through music. That's what keeps me young and relevant and continuing to grow," he said.

"I want to make sure that everybody in the world enjoys the music."

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