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Uzo: Crazy's erotica got me going!

Uzo Aduba got creative with erotic stories for Orange Is the New Black.

The 34-year-old actress returned as Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren in the recent third series of the hit Netflix show, set in a woman's prison. Uzo's character gained more attention than ever when she penned erotic stories about aliens, sending her fellow inmates into a frenzy.

And it seems the creative buzz continued for Uzo off set.

"How can you not go home after work and wonder what’s going on with Rodc**ker? You can’t not start to fantasise about it," she laughed to Collider. "When we got that part of the story in the script, I was like, 'Oh, OK. We’re going there. He has two instruments, as we’ll call them, and he’s wonderful at using them both.' I was really excited because, in the past, we’ve seen Suzanne fancy herself a bit of a linguist and wordsmith."

Dubbed the Time Hump Chronicles, Uzo penned a lot of the story in Suzanne's mindset and that the notes seen on the show include her own handwriting. The star "let her imagination go" so the words would flow, and came up with a whole string of characters and plots.

Suzanne is known to be inexperienced when it comes to love, so Uzo was pleased to see her explore more in the latest season.

"When we were in season two, I came to understand why she was so hungry for love, always feeling outside or other, and never really feeling that initial connection. And so, when you got into this part of it, where she really wants to get in there with that significant other, it’s because she has no reference point for it," the actress added. "Can you imagine being an adult, and you know what sex is and you’ve heard it’s supposed to be this amazing thing, but you’ve never done it yourself. That was exciting to me."

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