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Van Der Beek embraces banter

James Van Der Beek is pleased fans "get" his humor on social networking sites.

The actor rose to fame on Dawson's Creek in the late '90s and now appears in sitcom Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.

He's used to fans approaching him in real life but is pleased now that they have an online platform.

"I love it when people are, like, tweeting me funny things I hadn’t thought of. Even if they’re making fun of me, I find all of that fun and interesting. I kind of choose to embrace it," he mused to Variety.

"These people might get my sense of humour. At least on Twitter, I put out some bits of my sense of humour. Whereas in '98, when I was being mobbed by girls, they were just looking to go crazy about anything and could use the excuse, you know, to scream and go mad. I had a real hard time taking that seriously, because I just thought, 'This is based on something completely fake.'

"I was an English major, so I probably took everything a little too seriously back then. But I remember trying to wrap my head around it and just staring. And then at one point, somebody shouted, 'I love you!' from across the street. What do they want? It’s not me. What do I do with it? Jon Voight actually had the best advice of anybody I ever talked to. He said, 'You’re able to make somebody very happy by doing something very simple. And that’s all it is.'"

In the '90s, popstars such as Britney Spears were praised for having a 'virginal' image.

These days teen singers are increasingly wearing provocative outfits on stage, which James finds a little strange.

"It’s kind of swung a little far in the other direction, in my opinion. I feel like teen girls now, as they're approaching their twenties, they're starting to equate artistic integrity with nudity," he said.

"I’m not sure that that’s the case either, but I think at least people are now acknowledging the fact that you don’t have to proclaim to be a virgin in order to be accepted by society."

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