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Vanessa Hudgens: I like good guys

Vanessa Hudgens isn't attracted to "bad guys" and would rather have someone who looks after her.

The actress previously dated her High School Musical co-star, clean-cut Zac Efron, and is currently in a relationship with 21-year-old pretty boy Austin Butler.

When it comes to being romanced, the 'treat them mean, keep them keen' tactic won't work on 24-year-old Vanessa.

“I have never liked bad guys,” she laughed to British newspaper The Mirror.

“They’ve never held any appeal. I think it’s because I was a very shy child. I want to be treated like a princess.”

Recently, Vanessa has been shaking off her good-girl Disney image by appearing in daring films such as Spring Breakers and The Frozen Ground.

In The Frozen Ground she plays a pole dancer-and-stripper, who prances around in her underwear and enjoys liaisons with unsuitable men.

“I just want to be able to try new things,” she enthused.

“And transform myself so that audiences say, ‘I cannot believe that’s Vanessa Hudgens!’”

Vanessa also stars in Gimme Shelter, where she plays a teenage tearaway.

While the projects are now coming thick and fast, she won't accept just any role.

“I’m very particular about the work I do,” says California-born Vanessa.

“There’s a reason why I’ve had a ton of time off recently. I’m not going to do anything if I’m not in love with it.”

Also starring in The Frozen Ground is rapper 50 Cent, portraying Pimp Clate Johnson.

While she might not normally like a bad boy, Vanessa was thoroughly impressed with the controversial musician.

"Yeah of course, he is the sweetest person I have ever worked with and he is so talented. I mean he has had so many good hits... I definitely wouldn't mind working with him," she gushed to MTV News when asked if she would ever collaborate with him on a song.

"I was walking around set literally going, 'He's my P.I.M.P.'

"He's incredible; he is so, so great. He is very committed and passionate. I mean, he produced this [film] as well, so it was something that was very dear to him and he was a joy to work with."

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