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Vanessa Paradis considers afterlife

Vanessa Paradis would "love to be a tree" in another life.

The French actress-and-singer has discussed the idea of reincarnation.

Vanessa explained how life after death, which is a theme in her film Café de Flore, is something she thinks about.

"I'd like to believe in it. It's better to think there's something else after than nothing, you know? But I don't believe it exists, I'd like to think it exists," Vanessa mused to W Magazine. "I think I'd love to be a tree. A strong one, like the baobab. Is it the baobab that has the really strong roots? It seems indestructible."

In recent months Vanessa has been in the spotlight more for her personal life than her acting projects. In June it was confirmed that she had split from her long-term partner Johnny Depp after 14 years together.

Vanessa has since spoken about her dislike of the term 'soul mate'.

The beauty insists she is reluctant to put a label on love.

"The fact of putting a title on it, whether it's your husband or your wife or your soul mate, then it seems like you know the end of the book. And I don't like to know the end of the book or the movie," Vanessa continued. "But I mean it's beautiful when one day someone tells you you're their soul mate - it makes you feel good."

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