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Vanessa Paradis: Forever is terrifying

Vanessa Paradis admits the term soulmates "scares [her] a lot".

The gorgeous actress has been dating Johnny Depp for 14 years and the pair have daughter Lily-Rose and son Jack together.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that the long-term couple were experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Vanessa has now discussed what she thinks about the idea of "soulmates".

"I have a problem with the term soulmates, it scares me a lot. It's such a strong statement - it's like a marriage contract. I believe in love, and I want to believe that it lasts forever," she told Stylist magazine. "But I'm like everyone else, you have to take thinks a day at a time and you can never know what comes next. All you can do is hope and love and live.

"When you say, 'This is my soulmate,' it's almost like saying, 'Well, OK, we're done here then,' That's why I don't really like to use that term, but I understand it."

Vanessa is currently promoting her film Café de Flore, which explores the theme of love. The 39-year-old star thinks audiences will identify with the strong messages in the movie.

"Definitely. It's everything that drives us universally. What love makes us do, what love makes us feel, what we do for love and what we do because of love - completely," she gushed.

"Love hurts and burns. This is why it's so powerful - it's such a universal feeling. Everyone knows it."

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