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Vaughn: My kids will have depth

Vince Vaughn thinks the entertainment industry’s preoccupation with beauty is “weird”.

The 43-year-old comedic actor welcomed his second child Vernon with his wife Kyla Weber in August.

He is committed to keeping his children away from the entertainment industry’s “weird” preoccupation with looks.

“Sometimes people will lose a ton of weight or gain a ton of weight, but they’re boring as f**k to watch,” he told Cinema Blend during an interview on the set of his movie Delivery Man.

“I think some people go, ‘That means they’re phenomenal. They lost all this weight or gained all this weight.

“And I’m sure there are other great examples of it, but sometimes, I think people do that because they want to have control over it, there’s something that they want to feel like they’re doing and they physicalise it. But then you get on set and they don’t know their f**king lines. It’s weird.”

Vince plays the lead in Delivery Man, which centres on a sperm donor who discovers he’s fathered hundreds of children who now want to meet him.

All roles related to parenthood have become more intense for him now that he is father to daughter Locklyn, two, and infant Vernon.

“[Delivery Man] was powerful for me because as a dad, as a parent, you have a lot of hopes and great things, mainly about your kid being enthusiastic about something that they love to do, having self-respect, being surrounded by good people,” he said.

“And then you have a fear of them getting caught up in stuff that’s maybe not as rewarding or as connected and stuff, which we all go through phases.”

Delivery Man will reach theatres later this year.

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