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VB 'fears marriage change'

Victoria Beckham is apparently worried about the changing dynamic in her marriage.

The A-list couple have been a change in the dynamic of their relationship this year, following David's retirement from professional soccer. It means he has more time to spend with his wife and their four children, with the whole family now settled back in the UK.

However, with Victoria's fashion empire going from strength to strength she is apparently concerned with how her spouse will cope in the long term.

"David was always busy - training had to come first, but he always tried to fit her in. Now it's going to be Victoria saying that to him and she's worried he'll find it hard to cope. She's concerned that if she focuses her energies on work, he'll feel neglected and could end up resenting her," an insider told Britain's Closer magazine.

As well as her high-end line, Victoria now has a lower-priced range and creates accessories too. She is involved in all aspects of her business and is even opening her first stand alone store in London. The 39-year-old star is thrilled with how things are going and it sure her marriage will get through the changes.

"Victoria has lots of travel plans and, with her workload increasing, she knows they will have to spend lots of time apart in future," the source continued.

"They've been bickering more than usual - just over silly domestic stuff. Now that he's the stay-at-home parent, the dynamic will have changed with Victoria ordering him around a bit."

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