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VB 'misses being A-list'

Victoria Beckham is reportedly pining for the US, where she "mixes" with a different "set".

The married couple have lived in both the US and UK over the years with their four children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. While England is their home, Victoria apparently feels moving back to the States would benefit her career and status.

However, David is said to be keen to stay put after they relocated to West London from Los Angeles earlier this year.

"Vic has talked to her mom about moving back to the US, as she loves getting invited to parties and mixing with the set she wants to. It's different in the UK - it's harder for Vic to be A-list," an insider told heat magazine. "She and David don't see eye-to-eye over it, and while he can see why she wants to go, he wants to stay in the UK."

Another reason Victoria reportedly wants to move back to America is because she believes their kids would have a more normal life. The fashion designer reportedly argues her sons will be able to remain more "anonymous" during their education out there without everyone knowing who they are.

"At school in LA, the boys can be anonymous, but over in the UK they're the famous Beckham boys and all eyes are on them," the insider revealed. "David wants privacy for them, too, but equally he doesn't want to leave Britain for good."

The couple are also said to hold different opinions when it comes to their children growing up. Whereas David apparently has a more relaxed approach, Victoria is said to be more upset at the prospect of her offspring wanting to have independence.

"Victoria thinks that seeing the kids grow up is bittersweet. She worries and wants to be in control, but David has told her that part of being a parent is letting go a bit," the source added.

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